November 30, 2010


I decided to play with a plain, white plastic mask that was at Scraploot last weekend...methinks it was about $3, at first I was going to just drop some alcohol inks on it and maybe do some doodling, but that changed as I decided I wanted some texture...
I used Mod Podge and tissue paper as my texture and from there I layered colour by using acrylic paints before finishing with rub n' buff and my originally planned doodling!
I might do more to it yet, so stay tuned :)


Lotus said...

Love how this mask came out! The colors are wonderful and the details make my eyes follow along happily.
: )

Sueann said...

Well so far it is very cool!! Beautiful colors and textures!!

chrisw said...

Oh wow Linda it looks amazing already

Anonymous said...

Your mask looks awesome
from DianneS

Amy said...

I am totally captivated by your blog. I LOVE the texture you make on your projects. I came here from the Art Glitter gallery so I am dearly hoping to find your first pictured project on your gallery bio there with more details... they are all gorgeous!