November 30, 2010


it's no secret that I love fusible films and other heat activated goodies...I love to use my heat gun and wood burning tools whenever I can.
The top photo is shards of fusible film sandwiched between sheets of a product called Magic Film, it stays pretty flexible, so it would be easy to use your sewing machine on it.
The second and third picture from the top is ff shards sandwiched between sheets of Lamifix...this product ends up quite stiff...I don't suggest using your sewing machine on could burn holes and hand stitch easily though. To get yourself either of those products just pop over to The Thread Studio.

The rest of the photos are shards of ff that I fused between full sheets of ff, I heat set with my iron and then used my heat gun and woodburning tools to play around with each piece


Regina said...

Unique and Awesome....I see faery wings!! ^_^


chrisw said...

the colours are awesome..I just bought some myself to have a bit of a play

Downunderdale said...

what's your magic film Linda - I sell something I call magic film but is probably different... It's fabulous though