January 28, 2008

Nicho's and framed art

Joyce at Paper Forest Designs has some divine hanging tin shrines called Nichos, I bought a few and this evening finally altered one...
I also found a moment to finish off my altered shadow frame that I was teaching a couple of weeks ago....


I had to create some ATC BGs for a fellow artist....I hope she has fun with these.

Christmas ATCs and Rub n' Buff shrines

life is slowly returning to normal here, Christmas is gone and here I am making ATCs for a theme swap through one of the magazines.

I have my fave products to play with in my art and one of those products is Amaco's Rub 'n Buff, today I finished a tube of Antique Gold and instead of chucking it in the bin I had a little play and created a small shrine :)

January 13, 2008

Scraptivate ATC swap January 2008

The talented Kelsey from Scraptivate (Western Australia) sent me the ATC theme list for the year, the first theme is black & one other colour.

I've used a PA stamp, metal shim, foil tape, pewter embossing, silver rub n' buff and some texture tools to acheive this piece, I have actually allowed myself to be quite imperfect with them as I feel it has made them just that much more appealing :)

January 06, 2008

Sweet chip folding houses

FTN has just got these in and boss lady is hoping I'll run a class...I was asked to go more "girlie" with it to appeases the masses...I'm going to have to do another one "my" style lol
Well the pretty girlie house isn't finished yet but here is a sneak peak for my friends waiting to see what I have done....

is this the smallest shrine?

so tiny, what can one really do with such a thing (see the size compared to my thumb nail)...I made one earring...got carried away with the length of it...more like a bag charm now, I have a cute idea for the other one but it is drying right now, so maybe I'll get it done later.

shrines available from www.coffeebreakdesign.com

January 03, 2008

just a little sketch

This is a little sketch I did while I was in hospital last year, I found it again today whilst cleaning up my craft cupboard.