April 17, 2008

work in progress

once this is finished I'll go into detail....

scraplet Bird

I made this little bird as a demonstration piece for the scraplets at FTN

It's the mask!

I finished a few months ago but hadn't updated...soooo here it is

April 02, 2008

The other ink

those who know me know I have a couple of tattoos, I don't regret them, in fact I got another today...each one is symbolic to me...
The first one I got is the one on my chest, it is Celtic in style...my little Nan was Irish, it used to be coloured and looked more like the orchid I drew it as a few years ago...now it needs some work to bring it back to it's former glory...mind you most people who see it don't seem to be that interested in the tat but more in what it is on! lol
The next tat I got was the blue rose on my shoulder, my best friend back a few years ago has a similar one...I also had the initials of my then fiance...when we broke up I got the butterfly to cover his initials and to represent my freedom from the abusive relationship.
Last year I was at a point in my life where I was beginning to feel stuck in a rut, so the butterfly on my lower back represents my desire to to be free.
Today I got the initials my sons on my neck in Celtic style...I think tattoos are an addiction and I plan to get more...so who wants to know about my piercings? lol

April 01, 2008

OWL-tered art

I got up this morning to the owls, they were finally dry, so I could turn them over for backshot photos, rusty, textured and colour...rusty look using paint and gold emboss, textured using gel medium and a foam stamp and colour using resist stamping and starburst stains.

I also have added some closeup shots of the owl fronts, the glitter is my own fab mix and I call it snowglobe...it is divine with several silver and holographic glitters as well as silver and clear micropearls thrown into the mix.