July 30, 2008

MADJAK update

MADJAK Designs has updated "Burning Rubber" and has restocked all plates and has just released 3 super yummy embossing powders...and how do I know all this? Because I am the owner and designer :)


July 29, 2008


I am a blue lover, I love every shade and tint of it....but isn't this colour just...yes I have to say it....DEVINE!!!!!

...can you see just a hint of blue?

Texture tute

I have made a texture tute for youtube that will be uploaded later tonight, these little pieces are the final product...I thought I'd put them here because my web cam images look a bit off and the colour is not right, so out came the FujiPix S5700 digital camera :)

Resist...if you can

I love this technique, I have run a few classes using it in different ways...from triptych housie books to altered shoe inserts, it is truly divine (do I use that word too much?...nah), I have made a mini tute for youtube...no it's not up yet, I am waiting for kids to go to bed so I can do the voice overs.

July 26, 2008

Mini demo tute on youtube

I have just uploaded my second tutorial, it is a basic look and play with fusible film, crystalina and angelina fibers....so get your irons out people....this is for those who like clean hands....you won't be so lucky next time...think texture!!!

copy and paste the link below or the title of this post :)


MADJAK Embossing powder

I am sooooo besotted with this colour I have created for MADJAK Designs, it is just one of four ideas, I am just awaiting packaging solutions and I have to come up with a name for it...that is no easy task...it is marbled and quite vintage looking and is divine on both dark and light cardstock....and it is super fine detail!!!

Fimo fun

I have joined another Yahoo group and the first swap I signed up for was housie charms...made from polymer clay...now I have never used it, so I hope they are ok for my efforts....the first set were terrible, so I tried again and had fun.
They are about an inch tall, and half an inch wide, I had stamped into them and then gently rubbed Pearl Ex over them, then pressed beads and a little angel face before baking to set....I took the photos in poor light, so you can't see how lovely the colour really is, it is a turquoise tone over red clay, on the back I used some gold leaf.

July 22, 2008

An Elephant for Danielle

After many many many requests to share my techniques, I have finally gotten around to making a mini demo tutorial of one of my WIPS (Work In Progress), everybody knows how much I love fusible film/fantasy film and I have enjoyed playing with the product for about two years now, so of course it is the star of my first demo.
So go see it and let me know what you think....but bear in mind although I am a teacher of art techniques...I am not an actress and it was quite strange to try teaching to nobody, so because I was giggling so much I had to edit the sound and try my hand at dubbing :)

You can click on the title or copy and paste the link below


July 20, 2008

Updated image of LED Scribe

I have posted this new image of the LED Scribe after I put a "hot glue turbin" on the little LEDs, it seems to spread out the light a little....thanks for the hint Ben! :)

promoting good things

I am always more than happy to promote a product that I find fun or interesting and this was no exception, I had a lot of fun with it and I think the possibilities of how it could be put together are endless, I opted for a vintage feel...

now the product I am speaking of is called an LED Scribe, it is pieces of good quality acrylic that you put together to create a mini display, it has a pair of tiny LED lights that once you attach the battery and flick the switch illuminate your display...I have embossed on the front and as per instructions I have done a design of my own (swirls of course) on the back using hot glue.
To purchase one of these kits visit LEDScribe.co.uk the lights are available in several colours, I have used blue.

July 19, 2008

Strange Little Girls

tryptich ATCs are a great challenge, I just adore the little girl stamp (PaperArtsy)...yes I realise the inside of the ATC doors are stamped upside down...it was in fact done on purpose...they are after all "strange little girls"

Shellac Queen

Shellac is a neat product to play with...I have a special mix of my own...I make the shellac as per instructions, then I add a little copper pigment (pearlex super copper)and a little glitter (Jo Sonja's Opal Dust).
I use my heat gun to burn the shellac a little.

Leafing ATCs

I love nature, mother nature herself is a fine artist, and so I gathered a couple of gum leaves, smeared them with patina and paint and attached them as focal points on a couple of ATCs.

a lil shim thing

I made a little winged torso from shim and embossed by hand...using a texture plate and embossing scribe, then of course I had to paint over it just to make it more "Lindarised" lol
It is the perfect size to sit on an ATC

July 17, 2008

WIP Tunnel Book

for those wondering what WIP stands for...Work In Progress, and I have a few of those going on at the moment. This project is a 4 page 4x4 inch tunnel book that I began on Tuesday whilst one of my regular students was here, her name is Heather and I am so very proud of her and her work, she loves to learn new things and is more than happy to get her hands dirty, I can't wait to see what she does with her little tunnel book.

I have alot of ideas for mine but not sure what I'll end up doing with it personally once it's done....as always I am more than happy to swap my art out, sooooo if you are interested then tempt me with something divine and I'll happily send it to you :)

*note for Danielle...some hints on what your Bohemian Elephant will look like

July 11, 2008


I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who nominates me for the quirky little blog awards that are seen on other sites.
It is very thoughtful of you to think of me as inspiring enough to be presented with one.
As you see I don't put them up on my blog and my reasons are as follows...anybody who knows me personally knows that simple praise is good enough for me and if you like what I make then just say so, and if you don't...then say so, our ideas of what is good and great all differ greatly and even an artist I admire greatly will from time to time make something I don't like...but really who cares? As long as they are happy with the effort or the outcome. I have seen the change artistically come from a lot of people I know and they give me some credit for inspiring them, I like that but I like it more when I see they totally adapt something I do and make it new and exciting and it leaves me inspired to try to grow myself.
The people who truly deserve all these lovely little blog awards are those who are truly growing and learning in their art.
So if by chance you are thinking of giving me one...a sincere thank you but honour me be finding somebody who deserves the encouragement....I'm confidant enough and happy with my art enough to not need them.

I hope this all makes sense

hugs to you all because you are all inspirational

July 01, 2008

Autumn Bride "key hole" doll

Do you go to bed with arty ideas in your head? I do, and for a while I had been dreaming about making some art dolls...but not solid bodied ones...I was thinking more along the line of transparent in the middle...like a window or a frame or a...KEYHOLE!!! but I often get busy and things I want to do are put behind the things I need to do and even farther behind the things I have to do and so I forgot about my dream for a while....

I lost a bet to Barb Thomas...an arty bet...an art doll bet!!!
ya see Barb was trying to get her "Aquarius" doll finished but was so busy with everything it was slow going for her, and so smart arsed me said to her "I bet you can't get it finished today"..."I bet you an art doll", and soooo she took me up on the bet and I lost.
So Barb here she is, I hope you will love her as much as I have loved creating her.

Her torso is faux patina with a key hole style and of course I had to add rust :)