August 31, 2006

not an ATC

I was challenged by a friend when I was in Perth to make a cabinet card, it has been packed away with all my photos until I came across it last night...
as always this daft scanner makes the images a little dark but ya can sort of make out the stamping in the background....which is actually the foreground.
I had to also use PSP8 to alter the photo as the original image has a huge bright orange rust stain on it.

August 26, 2006

memories of you

today I made a card with my Nan in mind, I think about her alot and really do miss her, I think she would have loved my boys, I wish she had met them before she passed away.....more than a decade now...weird doesn't seem that long ago.

*the photo doesn't do it justice, the colours and image are so much more crisp and clear in hand...ahhh well