April 30, 2009

mini bird housies

I have had this adorable little mini bird house trio kit for a couple of months now and finally decided to put them together, I was going to use a brick stencil but decided I liked the flourishes much better. If you want to get your hands on them they are called "Three in a row" Mini Birdhouses, and they are made by Scrapware. (www.scrapware.com.au), I grabbed mine, the patterned papers and the divine beaded trims from Fred the Needle (of course!)

April 28, 2009


a couple of years ago I made myself a cute little wearble ATC, recently there has been a renewed interest in it, which I think is super cool and I'm flattered that people want to copy it, and even more flattered when people email me and tell me how after creating something that I inspired, that they told people where they learned or saw the original art...I love that and it encourages me to keep creating and doing my best to keep impressing you :)
Back to the story...I know I am such a rambler!...I had a good look at my original design and decided I needed to spruce it up a bit, so people could see that there is nothing wrong with adding a little more...I have added rusted lace, bling, keyhole and butterfly...I am actually going to add more rusted lace, I should be satisfied then.

April 26, 2009

grungey butterfly

this is yet another grungeboard work in progress, it will most likely be on a small inverted canvas. Simple steps of staining, running through the cuttlebug (carefully)and then ysing the right rusty coloured paint to sponge on...oh and we can't forget the rub n buff now can we :)

my little pincushions

this is what I made today, they are small...think bottle cap! My mum used to make a padded Xmas tree decoration in pretty much the same way. I will have to make some larger ones now :)

April 21, 2009

wearable ATC

I totally forgot to show off the wearable ATC I had made to wear at the stamper luncheon last weekend..

April 17, 2009

here are the ATCs

today I dedicated a lot of time to finishing the ATCs for the stampers luncheon, this weekend...in total I have made 35, but know I need to make another pile for those who miss the swap.
The technique is impasto and masking, so simple and yet so very effective.

April 15, 2009

soon to be ATCs

This weekend I am off to an annual luncheon for crafty stampers from a few Yahoo groups I belong to and we all swap Artist Trading Crads...this 12x12 page is the basis of mine

uni work...using nib pens

...and we had to some how include ourselves in the drawing, so here I am washing the dishes, the other pic. are some of the nibs I used.

April 14, 2009

a sketch for uni/a study of line work

I thought I would share the sketch I did for uni this morning, it is a look into my felting tool kit and is a study on lines in drawing

playing pretty

April 12, 2009

yet another worki in progress

I'm working on an acrylic book for FTN, and I have decided to use a pic of myself...so here I am :)

dark art

yesterday I created lots of lovely grungey/pretty flowers, today I decided to play with some of the Tattered Angels divine Glimmer Screens and impasto, the background colour is a great combination of Glimmer Mist and water colour crayons

April 11, 2009

faux rust...no rust involved

I have had a few emails about the last faux rust I did, I have to tell you that it was thought up on my trip away.
Karen Dimmock allowed me to play with a jar of Matisse Irridescent medium, and me being me and not just using it as paint, I smeared a good amount on with the back of a palette knife and stamped into it with a foam stamp...
next I sprinkled a little red embossing powder (I used 2toned terracotta), heat with heat gun, allowing it to bubble and blister, once touch dry, smear a little black stazon across with your finger (don't use the pad directly...be warned that you might get paint on it, so use a digit), now simply use your fave. red gold acrylic paint and a sea sponge and give it a dab here and there...heat again and there ya go!
Matisse is a great brand but if you don't have any, just use any pearly paint...if it needs to be thickened to hold the stamped impression, you can add impasto or structure paste...or if really desperate...PVA :)

flower power

Today I created flowers using my fave techniques...faux rust, resist stamping, fusible film, pearling, I have used old book pages and shim among other things.
A good portion of these have a new home to go to tonight...I hope they are used well :)