March 26, 2011

flying with seahorse

on my flight from Sydney to Perth I took along my sketch book and began to scribble, this is what I created...a seahorse of sorts...not a realistic or true image but instead it is what was in my head, I didn't use any photo or inspiration, and I know it's not what a real seahorse looks like but as I said it is what was in my don't make a big song and dance about the tail being the wrong way or the fins being wrong or the species being non's just a drawing and I like it.

March 24, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane...WHAT AM I TEACHING???

Flights of Fancy
for class details click HERE

Alchemy HERE

and for Magic Beads?...both locations are hosting, so check out who is local for you...places are limited

March 15, 2011

Adorning Crown swap

I thought I would share with you the pieces I am sending to the ladies who are joining me in the Adorning Crowns swap

March 04, 2011

transforming me...a little tweak here and a little tweak there...totally pain free

original, untouched image...natural lighting, no flash, macro setting.

adjusted fill light settings via editing program

adjust shadows and highlight settings

add 25% glow

black and white setting from adjusted image

sepia setting from adjusted image

revert to original image and increase colour satuation

add glow to colour satuated image

decrease satuation

layered black and white setting

layered sepia setting

I like to take photos of myself because it's fun to tweak them. I use Picasa to edit.

March 02, 2011

let me give you a hand...and a hammer and a rabbit

I got back in to uni this week...a step closer to my double degree in art. The unit I am currently studying meant I needed to draw a couple of things...such as the hammer, rabbit and hand...the first assignment looks at associations of objects.
I won't share details because I am still working on this but I wanted to share my sketches with you. The rabbit is based on an early century etch...very simplistic.
The hammer is just a fantasy tool...I totally need this one in my kit!
The hand...the hand was a huge challenge for me and this is my very first attempt at drawing a hand! I am really pleased at how well it actually turned out.
It's good to put your fears behind you when it comes to art and just try...if it's crap...then try again.