May 22, 2011

Life goes on...and I'll be fine

I live a normal life...not extravagant or mysterious...I speak one language, I am short, chubby, pale eyes, hair currently black with a peppering of grey...all in all...normal. Right now lots of my friends and family are worried about me...why? because on Friday I was knife point. Not really much more can be said about that, a guy smelling of beer and urine approached me and asked for a dollar, I said I didn't have a dollar to spare but obviously he had just watched me withdraw money from the ATM. This bloke decided he needed my rent and bill money more than me, and so he took it. This weekend saw me cocoon myself, not wanting to talk to anybody, not wanting to go anywhere...I did try but lasted about twenty minutes.  It's Sunday evening and I just got out of the bath...I lit a candle and searched my soul for understanding of why this happened to me...I'm a good person, honest, friendly, generous and reliable...I didn't
deserve such a terrifying event!!!...nobody does.

It happened...pure and simple. It wasn't because I deserved it, it wasn't because I needed to learn some unseen life lesson, it wasn't because I don't believe in god, it wasn't because as a child I stuck my tongue out while my teacher had her back to is just something that happened. I don't hate the person who held the knife...he did what he wanted...maybe he was too stoned or drunk to really even know what he did...I don't is just something that happened. I won't forget it but I will endevour to move would be foolish and unproductive for me to do anything less. I just want everybody who emailed, phoned, texted, etc that I'll be fine and I'm thankful for the sincere thoughts from all.

May 17, 2011

Printer adventure in ephemira

I was very lucky to have received a blank 17"x22" printer tray as a Birthday present from my friend Ruth. It travelled with me from Perth to Sydney.I had such a great time creating this ephemira display and each piece is symbolic. I love that it is a real printer tray and not one of the mass produced pieces that so many companies are creating. I used quite a few techniques and products to create this piece...and for those in Western Australia...this is going to be one of three classes that I will be teaching at a retreat in Perth...I'll post the full details as soon as I have them


  I designed these shadow boxes for Words Or Whatever and of course had to have a play and create some samples. The chair is one of their older designs and has been given to a friend

May 12, 2011

Peacock Princess

Barbie and her static hair style...well not static but it looks like she has had a fright...her hair could actually be used as a's sharp!

the lace I have used here is from Green Tara, stained with Lindy's Stamp Gang "Colour Shots"

her hair now painted works really well as a support for feathers

This creation is the third and final doll I have made to send off as part of the international swap I am hosting...I considered giving her wings but I am now thinking I might just attach a shimmery cape and some more feathers

May 11, 2011

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is just one of three artistic dolls I have created as part of the international swap I am hosting. For those in Western Australia...who are interested in learning how to make a doll similar to this...stay tuned!                                                                                                                   

May 03, 2011

anodising...aka electrocuting metal

I went to an anodising class on the weekend...yup I was a student! we got to play with titanium and niobium.
I was so suprised at how simple it was to create these amazing colours on the metals.
Simply using an power source and a solution of dishwashing powder and water...I can't give away all the details because it's a class run through the Eclectic Studio in Marrickville.

this flower is made from titanium and the colours are very subtle because the solution we used was just Coke...yup you read that right!
The ring face all of the layers's great for me because I love to fidget

the blur here is caused by the motion of the spinning ring

if you look at the picture with all of my pieces you will see a little dull disk...this is what has become of it. The black magnetic bead is imbeded in mortar

I tried shaping mortar...I like it!