May 03, 2011

anodising...aka electrocuting metal

I went to an anodising class on the weekend...yup I was a student! we got to play with titanium and niobium.
I was so suprised at how simple it was to create these amazing colours on the metals.
Simply using an power source and a solution of dishwashing powder and water...I can't give away all the details because it's a class run through the Eclectic Studio in Marrickville.

this flower is made from titanium and the colours are very subtle because the solution we used was just Coke...yup you read that right!
The ring face all of the layers's great for me because I love to fidget

the blur here is caused by the motion of the spinning ring

if you look at the picture with all of my pieces you will see a little dull disk...this is what has become of it. The black magnetic bead is imbeded in mortar

I tried shaping mortar...I like it!


Zuzu's Blog said...

what a fab effect. very clever.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Girl I love what you do with hinges! The colours you have used on all these metal pieces are just wonderful, not seen anything quite like them, no surprise there coming from you :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

So cool!

Unknown said...

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