December 31, 2009

Challenge #1 Festive

Over at Artist Trading Dollz, the first challenge theme has been posted, this is my take on the theme "Festive", it didn't have to be Christmas but I liked how this was turning out, she is a small doll and would be lovely on the tree I think...I might have to work on a few for next Christmas :)

December 30, 2009

Autumn Art Doll

well here she is, I am going to have to do something about her wings though because they are really fragile even though I triple coated them in a resin. The wings are real leaves that I collected from the front yard.

December 22, 2009

Spring 5 inch Art Doll

Here is "Spring", tomorrow I will finish Autumn and that will be the complete 4 seasons.

December 21, 2009

"Winter" Art Doll

"Winter" is another in the series of four 5 inch dolls...I really love this size, I'm not sure I would go smaller...maybe...we shall see.

"Summer" art doll

"Summer" is 5 inches tall and is one of the "Four Seasons" paper art dolls I am working on.

December 19, 2009

Father Time

I'm not sure that I am 100% happy with thinking about adding arms holding a working clock and perhaps some chains hanging from the base as a faux pendulum...I'll have to have a think about it and forage through my junk.

December 17, 2009

Mother Nature

The main body part of Mrs Nature is roughly 10 inches, her face was hand cast Sculpey, some other fun products used include: Grunge paper, Prima flowers, Scrapware products, gel medium, heat treated copper tape. The template is a personal design. This little lady will be jet setting across the globe as an exchange, in the new year. (I hope you like her Maggie)

December 12, 2009


I began this creation last night at our regular Artzy Tartz nights, and finished it about 10 minutes ago...actually I am just waiting for everything to dry before I fix the acrylic face over the entire piece. The cabinet card is genuine and is well over 100 years old. Some of the products used include micaceous iron oxide (one of the few times I will actually wear gloves), the "nails" on my fence are actually brads that I have cut the posts from. I hand made the hat...I need to make a pile of these because it turned out soooo good, the texture on the frame and the fence is simply PVA glue. The flourishes are grungeboard that has been painted and then poked with a soldering iron.
Enjoy oggling this is going to it's new home on Tuesday...I wonder if the recipient is reading this?

December 10, 2009

getting into xmas

I have to admit, since moving from Perth to Sydney 5 years ago, I have lost more and more of the xmas spirit each year, I know it's because I miss my family, my mum used to make a really big fuss about xmas and although I thought it was a bit over the I don't have it, so I miss it terribly.
Anyhoo, I am doing my best by creating, and this year I decided to make tags instead of cards. The other things I enjoy making are my own flowers and I just had to do something with the chemically etched pieces of brass I have here.

December 02, 2009

rippin up canvas (canvas shrines)...and the head of an artdoll (WIP)

I haven't made an art doll in a while and thought I would get back into it by using my own face, I haven't decided on theme or colour yet, so I'm just going with the flow :)

I have been playing with canvases again and still working on the reverse side as a shrine, but for something different I have cut out a shrine shape hole in the canvas and then rebacked it with paper, I am loving this idea and am going to try different cutouts in the near future.