August 31, 2008

My final play with Clockroaches

lol...I couldn't help myself...I made one smaller and then thought to myself "I can make it smaller again", I could keep going but I think three clockroaches are plenty.
Tomorrow it's back to papercrafts for me :)
Ya know what they say..."A change is as good as a holiday"


This is my first little metal and polymer clay collaboration, I have dubbed him a "clockroach" because he is made from some old clock pieces which I have had sitting here for years, at first I was going to leave the wings plain and then I added the alch. inks...then me being me...and struggling to not do more to the poor faux critter, I began doodling on the pieces, I have to say I love it and am tossing up between attaching him as a broach or perhaps a vintage cuff...I am going to have to play and see.

August 28, 2008

play day with friends

I went up to the lovely Blue Mountains today and this is what I made in the company of Chris Bennet and Jessie Scherf.
the piece is 8.5 x 5 inches, I have used Twinkling H20s and impasto medium, along with gold leaf, foil (Jones Tones) and Treasure Gold

August 27, 2008

Demo Day at FTN

If you are in the Penrith area this Saturday from 11am pop in and say hello to me, I'll be doing mini demos with a mountain of product at Fred the Needle...some of the goodies I'll be playing with are...fusible film, angelina, twinkling H2os, gold leaf, foil, mists, dabbers, stains, flock, clay, glitter pens....who knows what I'll create but it will be fun :)

August 26, 2008

3 new mini tutorials uploaded

I have 3 new ones for your viewing pleasure...I have made them quite talking due to my coughing fits....I hope you enjoy them, the links are to the right in my tutorial list...7 cool is that!

August 25, 2008

My play with bees wax

The photos def. don't do this micro canvas hand it looks embossed with gold, thanks to Rub n Buff smeared all over it. Bees wax is just divine to stamp into.
I'm hoping to get my tute vid on Youtube tomorrow when the kids are at school...but it is another big file, so I guess I'll be spending the morning editing before I do anything else....another canvas, a few pages, felting, etc, etc lol

My play with twinkling H2os

well I have done a tute for youtube for this piece...but the file is 1 minute and 6 seconds too long to upload! I will see if I can get it onto Webshots...stay tuned :)

My play with mica

This is the finished project from the mica tutorial I have done for Youtube.

Red Hot!

I am having fun with canvases at the moment and whilst I was chatting on MSN with my boss I made this little 6x6 piece, I used crimson Lumiere paint....shock horror I only used one colour! I also used chalks, Kindy Glitz and black texture paste, and of course some Rub n' Buff and a bit of doodling. I really enjoyed it, very relaxing...and yes it's true I have a firey temper :)

August 24, 2008

Pin Ups 4x4 swap (Roni's group)

Betty Page is the star of this page, I used some hat veiling to add a little riske appeal and my trusty little cuttlebug obliged me with some sassy embossing :)

August 23, 2008

Aged and Tattered Wings 4x4 swap (Roni's group)

This is the theme that I actually chose for the swap....there are a total of 100 pages (10 pages x 10 themes), I won't put up all the page themes I did because the pictures I took did not do them justice and I don't want the other gals in the swap to be put off.

June 4x4 swap (Roni's group)

The theme was Bombshells, I used the divine Mae West

L is for....

Louise....I made this little piece using Tim Holtz sprockets available from FTN, I also used copper mesh and fusible film.
I'm sending it off to Scotland just because :)

August 11, 2008

make me beautiful

A while ago I was sent a simple you see it began as a couple of gold flowers drawn onto pink cardstock, it was sent as a "goodie" along with an ATC swap, a note was written on the back suggesting that I put my own "personal spin" to it...and so I have, I added leaves and swirls and used a white gel pen, black felt tip pen, flocking, twinkling H2Os and this is how it turned out...pretty huh?


I have been a bit off colour of late and so I wanted something I could sit rugged up in bed and do...that threw a few ideas out the window...except...felting, and so I got out my needle and wool and picked up Needlefelting Magic (by Barbara Allen) and got busy on creating my first little teddy bear...I have named him Peek-a-boo Panda.
It was amazing to see hanks of wool turn into something so cute.

August 05, 2008

youtube vids

I finally have had the chance to dub and publish my latest vids to youtube.

copy and paste the link of your choice below...

#1 Texture:

#2 Simple Resist:

I have added a new link list to my side bar..."My youtube tech demo vids"

August 03, 2008

Canvas niche

some of my regular students asked for a new project and what better than a canvas...well the back of the canvas to be exact, yup the canvas niche.
The size is 16x16 inch but my class will be working with a smaller area of 12x12