February 19, 2009

proud of...me

I keep forgetting to post that I got 90% for my second essay for uni, I was so shocked I emailed my tutor to tell her she gave me somebody else's results! lol

I have just over a week left for my first two units (22 to go), so if I go quiet for a while it simply means that I am busy with the 3rd and final essay and my portfolio for submission...fingers crossed it goes well...I'll be happy with a 50% pass mark on either of those...although more is definitely better lol

and a big thanks for those who emailed to find out how I went with my allergist appointment...for those who don't know...I had a 3rd anaphalactic (sp?) attack late last year and it was the worst ever...they kept me in hospital over night and I was in and out of consciousness...they said I nearly died!!! scary! But here I am still.
anyhoo...I now have to carry an epipen and antihistamines with me everywhere I go and I am totally banned from any and all seafood...heartbreaking! I love fish and chips and all the other yummies...but it's better to be safe than sorry...oh yeah and no more Asian cuisine or pizza just in case a little bit of prawn finds its' way into my mouth.

ATCs...mix it up

here are some ATCs I have started as part of a big swap that will happen at a stampers luncheon in April...all up I will be making about 50, I am thinking I'll do 5 different styles, so there will be 10 of each.

February 18, 2009

faking it

no I'm not getting personal...it's all about art, so stress less people! lol
I love short cuts when possible, especially when I get super busy with a million projects...have a looksee at this piece and see if you know how it's done...very very simple :)

February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Barb

Barb T celebrated her Birthday yesterday but I'm all for the "celebrate every day" lol
I put together this little canvas as a Bday prezzie for her...it has all the fun stuff that I love...texture, paint, rust, bling, flowers, gold leafing and a lovely vintage image.

so three cheers to my muse...hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray.

luv ya my friend :)

February 13, 2009

a thank you

I created this piece especially for the lovely Glenda Laing, as a thanks for an arty favour, I hope she likes it.
The base is 8 inches tall.

February 11, 2009

Divisionist Technique (pointillism)

(Also known as divisionism)...painting with dots...I've never even thought of doing this style before but studying towards my BA in art has opened doors to new experiences for me, so here is my first effort...a green tree frog clinging to a leaf, click on images for a close up of my A3 sized painting, you will see lots and lots and lots of dots.

February 10, 2009

all in the name of art

I am so glad that my landlord is fine with me "exercising my artisic self", besides..the pantry door was way too drab lol

One of the current assignments I'm working on for uni has me painting a surface in my enviroment to "create a new tension", I think I've captured it well...what exactly?...now see everybody has their own interpretation of things, I think of "calmness beyond the norm"...see what you feel...and feel what you see :)

February 08, 2009

better pics

I've updated and replaced the images of my recent uni paintings and I have also added some close ups of the eggshell texture...click on the images to see closer again.

February 07, 2009

it's all about...texture

Here is what you can end up with when you use egg shell as part of a textured background...does everybody know how I have achieved this?....not sure?...hmmmm methinks I may need to plan a new youtube tute :)

Arty Farty

these are 4 small canvas studies I have done for uni, we are working on tone, saturation, shade, balance, etc, etc...it's fun and I think I am actually learning something...it is driving me a bit batty though, having to keep a visual diary.

...another WIP

I can't remember if I have shown these before, they are some of the pages in yet another book I'm working on, it's not for a swap, so there is no great hurry...yay lol

Less is more....or something like that

I decided to put the pages in the book, where they belong, to see if I was further inspired to add more...but I decided they look just fine as they are...what do you think?

The little wing is the "sign-in" card that the book's owner asked all artists to decorate and sign.