December 16, 2011

Blue...inspired by the art of Pam Carriker

one thing I am not confidant with is painting faces...I can sketch them ok but when it comes to actually using paint...scary! I was inspired by the art of Pam Carriker to just give it a go...if it turned out badly then I didn't have to tell anybody...I started with a reversed canvas and roughly coated with gesso before painting with black far so good...

I played with tones and shading, defining areas and adding the look of dimension...

she was coming together nicely...I used Helmar Tacky Glue to add my signiture swirls...

every motion of my brushes changed her...she was working with me...

I gave her just the one eye to represents imperfection as beauty...after all who can really say what is is blind right?

I played with a floral stencil for both imagery and texture...

wow what a co-inky-dink that she has green eyes and a beauty spot...just like me...yup I had to throw myself in there as a symbol of imperfection...

I am so pleased with how well the faux lace turned out...

amazing how much the colour changes depending on the lighting

I got a bit carried away...or dedicated to her eye makeup...

The Words Or Whatever chipboard circle was exactly what was needed to finish the canvas...

depending where you stand to look at this, she can appear to be looking at the bird or straight ahead oh if she is looking for something in the distance...

so here she is...Blue...not a mood but a feeling for colour.
The quote around the frame says "Look ahead to where your past has brought you"

Wedding Wishes Jar & Pedestal

Simone from Fred The Needle likes to challenge me as an artist but I have to admit to scratching my head for a few days when she handed me an empty spaghetti sauce jar and a porcelain pedestal. Ballerina Barbie sacrificed her legs for the good of art

December 15, 2011

Spring Time in Paris ~ Flooded Canvas heading to CHA 2012

Tracey from Lindy's Stamp Gang offered all of us on the Design Team, a chance to have our art shown off at CHA 2012, our given theme was spring Time in Paris, so of course I had to have the Eiffel Tower and do a Flooded Canvas... 

What is spring without butterflies?

I added in some of my ever popular Circle Blooms to finish off my piece

December 03, 2011

A very Helmar Christmas ~ Design Team Blog Hop

Helmar Holiday Hop - 2011

It’s that time of year where we all start thinking of the holidays so what better way to get your Holiday spirit than a great Helmar Holiday Hop? Filled with so much Holiday cheer and some amazing projects featuring all the different Helmar Adhesives.

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on the Helmar Holiday Hop. If you have been following along, you should have hopped here from Jennifer Evan’s blog. If not, you just have to stop at the Helmar Blog and start from the beginning. There are goodies along the way and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

I purchased some glass baubles from a craft store, plastic would work just as well

choose a couple of vibrant paints and pour in to the bauble...I am using metalic colours and have allowed one colour to flow before adding the next one

once you have coated the inside of the bauble you can pour out the excess to use in another or store in an air tight container for another project

the bauble to the left used alcohol ink inside instead of acrylic paint, once it was completely dried I squeezed in a fair amount of Helmar Premium Craft Glue, and a mix of fine glitter and chunky glitter/sequins. While the glue inside is still workable, put your thumb over the opening and shake to distribute the contents. As the glue thickens and dries you can continue to roll the bauble to move the glitter inside 

I used the opening of the glitter pot to hold the first bauble as I dotted the surface with small blobs of Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots

I loved the faux ice look when I allowed the glue to trail down a little

faux ice

I covered all but a small section with the Scrap can see in cool is that?!?

it needed some sparkle, so I used glitter and my craft glue to coat the inside of the bauble

once it was dry I smeared a little gilding paste over the soft spikes to show their detail

this bauble was filled with alchohol ink, german glass glitter, sequins and Premium Craft Glue before being shaken and reminds me of a planet

I hope you have enjoyed what I have created here and perhaps you will have a play and create your own unique and fun Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree

Make sure you leave a comment at every stop because the elves of Helmar will be giving away prizes to some lucky Helmar fans. Now hop on over to Beck Beattie’s blog to see another amazing Helmar Holiday project. The Holiday Hop will be open for comments until 11:59P.S.T December 4th , so take a look and enjoy a little holiday spirit from all of us on the Helmar Team. Thanks again for stopping by today and Happy Holidays.