December 21, 2008


well with uni we are focused on black and white, so I am getting in as much colour play when I'm on a break as I possibly can.
I had a sample board I had done a few months ago, it used resist stamping and starburst stains, today I was playing with the new Kaiser silk flowers and Prima Pebbles that we just got in at FTN and I thought I would make use of the sample board, well after I stuck the altered flowers on the board looked a bit bright, so I got out a pot of TH crackle paint and painted it on roughly...I looooove that it soaked up some of the colour as it dried and cracked, it is definitely worth a play...a word of advice though, I do recommend sealing the crackle as it can be quite fragile, personally I use gel medium...I bet you knew I was going to say that :)

Xmas tag #4

I love the flocked paper I used here, I used it before for the vintage album I did earlier in the year.

Bad Ideas

This is the final piece from the first assignment for uni...I have called it bad ideas...the blank space at the bottom represents my blank mind and the patterns up top are a mix of ideas...the bad ones have been crossed out...get it? lol

Xmas tags

here are three tags I made last night whilst researching for my essay. I want to make a few more over the next couple of days so look out lol

December 18, 2008

Uni art

I'm just giving a little sneaky peek of 3 more of my A1 pieces I did for the art unit I'm doing, they are titled...Rush, Hope and Celebration

12 days of Xmas hangy-thing swap

This is my 5 gold rings contribution to an exclusive swap running on Zuzu's Petals and Buds. The first pic. shows the base of my work using resist stamping and Starburst Stains, the gold rings are genuine gold leaf behind a super cool, hula hooping vintage gal...check out her dress!...a big thanks to Barb for helping me hunt down the perfect what a fun night that was!

December 15, 2008

what am I up to?

Studies are going well and as always I am busy busy busy, today I worked on my first A1 sized assignment, it had to be textural and black and here it is, I'm quite pleased with it, although as always the photos do it little justice, as when you stand back from it you see only the white flower but close up you get to appreciate the texture (liquid nails) and once your eye locks onto it you see a different flower. I have another four A1 sized pieces to do, so I'm working on sketches of my ideas in my visual diary...the diary is getting very heavy and I'm only into my 3rd week lol

December 12, 2008

Another floral canvas

As the last floral canvas was not 100% my work but an adaptive piece, I had to create a new canvas from scratch, this one is larger and square, it's a 12x12 deep frame. I love this one so much more than the other.

December 04, 2008

there's always room for improvement...

We are always getting wonderful goodies in at Fred the Needle and recently we got in some simple, plain canvases with floral heart wreaths on them...pretty enough but we felt it needed just a little filling in and soooo I had a play and added music sheet scrap, masking with Tattered Angels Glimmer Sheets and texture paste, I also added a little crackle paint and toned the colour with acrylic paint. The lovely lace trim at the bottom was the final touch and has really transferred a pretty piece into a beautiful shabby chic example.
Oh yeah I just had to sneak in a little sparkle with Kindy Glitz.

So bare in mind that this began as a simple white canvas with the floral heart the only thing on it...look beyond what things are and see what they can be :)

mosaic swap

I'm taking a break from studying Greek philosophy and art to post my mosaic pieces for you all to see. I made 30 in all but only 22 are being re homed lol sooo I will have to come up with some snazzy ATCs I think.
Each piece is 3cm x 4.5cm.

I painted mat board with a mix of warm toned acrylic paint, copper, orange, etc.
Gold embossed a funky floral before smearing with gel medium and applying fusible film...heat it up (of course)
Swipe a little heavy gel medium and use an awl or palette knife to create some swirls, if you are impatient like me use your heat gun till touch dry and gild lightly with rub n buff.
Of course I kept playing by squiggling some crackle accents over the area and heating again to get some bubbles and blisters.
The edges are inked black to frame the tile

December 03, 2008

I'm a winner!

neato! how cool! I was just informed by Mel that I won a prize on Tim Holtz Xmas tag giveaway...and wow the prizes are brilliant!

I wrote this...

Tim's the reason to be jolly
We love to follow all his folly
He's the man who can inspire us
So much talent he must be tireless
I'm just getting into the spirit of Holtz...I mean Christmas :)
Posted by: Linda Baldock - December 02, 2008 at 09:16 PM

and won one of the prizes listed below...I'll let you know what arrives :)

1. letter to santa stamp set (stampers anonymous)
2. distress ink trio & mini accent (ranger)
3. holiday type sticker book & blackboard box (cosmo cricket)
4. fa la la embellishment pack (making memories)
5. circle/oval fragments, philosophy tags, trinket pins (tim holtz idea-ology)
6. prima festive flower tin (prima)
7. tim holtz scissors (tonic)
8. holidays past stamp set (stampers anonymous)

November 29, 2008


please feel free to use this little image that I have on it for a larger version


hooroo all, I have recieved a few blogger awards this week and it made me think back on an earlier post I wrote...

Please know that I appreciate being held in such high regard and I can't say sorry if it offends you or hurts your feelings because I think if I say sorry then I'm not standing by what I feel.

If you enjoy my art, just tell me or add my link to your blog, even tell others "hey you should see this blog".

The best reward for me is the knowledge that I have inspired you.

A closeup of my tablecloth

I received post comments from a couple of people about my tablecloth...people were impressed by the of my regular students, Heather, knows the truth lol, she knows that although the room I photographed is tidy and organised that this is not a common thing and the poor old tablecloth is a definite art victim. Poor old plastic tablecloth is painted, melted, stretched, sliced, slashed...and well pretty much in a munted state...quite a woeful sight really.
Now to verify I do use my art room when it is just me but when I teach privately we sit at the kitchen table...the top picture is my kitchen table today...yes Heather I will clear it for next week...I promise :)

November 28, 2008

My work space

I have had a few requests to share a look-see at my work space...or part of, and as I had to fulfill that request for one of my uni units I am happy to only took me three days to tidy up, not sure how long it will last and I have no idea where things are now...:)

November 19, 2008

Little Aussie Poppet

I made this little flat doll to travel over to the UK to stay with a new friend.
don't you just loooove her 50's Victory Rolls?

PA DT ~ Profile card

I hate trying to choose a photo when I submit took me longer to do that than to complete the entire assignment!...I think I chose well....or not?! lol

PA DT ~ Book Marker

Using fusible film and Angelina fibers I created this book marker as part of my DT submission

November 18, 2008

PA DT ~ Transparent Art

I used an image of myself printed on transparency and attached it to the back of the acrylic piece...So I am transparent! lol
I also used hot glue on the back..always test first to make sure things won't buckle or warp...once the glue dries give it a zap with the heat gun to make it clear rather than frosted.

PA DT ~ Book Cover

I know this looks quite simple and plain but I really love it...I will have to make another so I can use it :)

PA DT ~ Friendship Card

here is the second card for my PA DT project submissions

November 11, 2008

PA DT ~ Altered Art

I just had to make another's been far too long! lol
As part of my Paper Artsy design team assignment, I created this sweet piece...I have just a few more things to make to fulfill my commitment to this project but am having a great deal of fun with it....stay tuned for a bit more "teal toned" art :)