November 15, 2006

Inspiration and a big honker

I have been pretty down in the dumps of late...Xmas is looming and it will be my first one away from my family. I went to the doc. today for results from a CT I had on seems that my lack of smellability and tasteability (yeah I know I made those words up) is because I have a severe chronic case of sinisitis...but the great news is that it can be fixed yay!!!
Ooooh I am gonna put on some weight taste testing lol

Anyway whilst in my low mood I set to create my very first fabric art doll
(inspired by the very talented Dot )

in the mail today: a copy of the Canadian mini mag. ATC Quarterly....and I am published in it! woohoo it was quite exciting. I also recieved a great little ATC from the talented Elizabeth Harms :)

November 05, 2006

It's nearly Xmas!!!!

woah what a shocker!!! I have been sooooo busy it is crazy. I have been doing ATC, and alot of altered work...books! I really feel I am getting better with them but they are still a bit scary.
The dog I found is long gone...I took him to the vet to get him scanned for a microchip and he did have one, so I located the owner and returned was really sad and reminded me of how much I miss my animal friends.
My Mum in-law saw how upset I was and told me to get myself a little dog, so I did, I got Odie...he is a Datschaund x mini fox terrier. Of course MIL's husband hates him....more power to me! lol

I went to the Sydney paper festival.....and spent buckets of money (nearly $300)....but got lots of goodies, I also got to meet some amazingly talented ladies and traded out a few ATC...the weather sucked though :)