January 31, 2010

ATC...one in need of a home (ADOTED BY KAY)

I just love these ATCs I made today...I call them teasers because the texture is under the acrylic and you can't touch it...so it's a tease right? lol
I made three, two of which are going postal in private swaps...the very first person to email me at my new email address can have the third. My new email is under my photo :)

January 30, 2010

new email address

heya all, thanks to hotmail being so sucky, my email account picked up a virus....please note the new address to contact me :)

January 27, 2010

A house

I got this great little house kit a while ago and just rediscovered it, unopened!, so I thought I would put it together and decorate it. I have used old book pages, distress inks, shellac, fusible film, angelina fibers, chipboard, embossing...etc!
Please note that the tiles on the roof were placed individually...I used a tiny tag punch and placed them all one tiny tile at a time.
The house is from Doodlebug design

January 20, 2010

a sketch

I enjoy sketching but have been so busy for a while now that I just haven't had the time, it relaxes me and I really enjoy it and that is what is important. This sketch doesn't mean anything, she doesn't even have a title or name, she was just something I did last night as I lay in bed. She won't stay as a lead sketch, I am going to get out my inks and pastels and finish her off...in my own time :)

January 19, 2010

The State of things

well this is where all the action is at the moment, projects everywhere, lol...and yes I have taken over the kitchen table also as well as an additional 6 seat table :)
All in the name of art!!!

ATC for Domonique

I love this ATC, it is a sneaky Halloween theme, if you look directly at the piece it looks fairly plain but if you tilt it you will see the cracks in the bat and the secret message that I have etched onto the acrylic. The tree is merely PVA glue

ATC for Jan

I am currently running an ATC swap...nearly finished, this is the ATC I have done for Jan Palmer...her chosen theme was "from the heart", I have used lots of texture and then I have put it behind acrylic and then worked more on the face...something different :)

book pages

I'm in my first ever paperbag book swap and these are my pages so far...in total I have to do 24 pages (2 different designs)

January 17, 2010

Spring Carnival

It's summer here in Australia, so spring is a while off, but with the heat exhausting us all I thought I would create something a little "cooler", Spring Carnival is a bit bigger than the last few dolls I have done, her body is 11 inches in length, the style I have created for her is, what I call, "bottle".

January 16, 2010

just a casual scrapper

I always state that I'm not a scrapbooker...and I'm truly not, I began my papercraft journey as one and was very dedicated to it, but I totally sucked at it (I can fondly reflect). What has this got to do with the picture? That's a layout I did (as per request from the magazine), it was recently published in Australian Scrapbook Creations (vol8 #11). I was asked to share my fave technique (impasto :) ) I've been published a couple of times but this is the first time in a scrapbook magazine...I guess I'm a casual scrapper :)

January 12, 2010

Pins, Pretties and a sneak peek

My friend (and uber talented scrapper), Gilly came over a couple of weeks ago and I noticed one of her pieces had a lovely leaf headed pin, inspired I decided to decorate some pins myself...I'm going to make some polymer leaf heads when the weather gives us a break.
The paper flower is made of stained and shredded scraps of paper...just for the fun of it :)
The canvas...sorry that is all I can share at the moment but a big thanks to Jan Palmer for sending me the newspaper plates.

ATC swap

It's summer time here in Australia and sooooo hot, I'm not a summer person at all, but I find if I keep myself busy and distracted then I don't feel so ragged. I am currently running another Facebook ATC swap, this one is on behalf of a new friend, Jan Palmer. These are just some of my ATCs for the swap.
"Butterflies", "Fleur De Lys" and "Black, White & Blue"

January 06, 2010

Happy Scrapper

ok, I thought I had better get these pictures of my one hour layout up...I'm not a scrapper...I say this and yet I do sometimes scrap...maybe I can be referred to as a surprise scrapper? I have used Prima and Green Tara flowers, all chipboard is Scrapware.

January 01, 2010

Ring in the new year with an ATC

Happy New Year to everybody, I hope you all have a super creative year ahead...and other good stuff! I bought a ticket for tomorrow nights' $30 million lotto, so please feel free to cross your fingers and toes, Disneyland is a must if we win.
Last night I sat out the front watching my two boys doing relay races up and down the drive way with 65 sparklers, they had fun, I got a small burn on my foot from JD dropping a hot wire on me...oh and I started a small fire, but all in all we had a nice time.
I created my first ATC for 2010 by taking part in Scraptivates' online challenge, hop over and check it out, you can win a prize...and just like lotto "you gotta be in it to win it"