September 30, 2008

Time Housie

Yes the clock really does work, after all it is a "Time Housie", I wonder if Teresa Crouch will use it to keep time? I picked up a few clock mechanisms on ebay, so was really excited with the idea of including one in on the 15 page housie swap.

Xmas Housie

while Xmas to some is all about red, white and green and the old man in the red suit, my idea is blues and silver and angels, I loooooove this stamp, I have had her a long time and used her in several projects.
This housie will be going to Vickie Deans

"Beach" Housie

I love this one...I should have made one for myself but this is going to Heather Askitis, the background is acrylic paint and the sand at the bottom is liquid nails, the drapes are scraps of Chatterbox patterned paper I had in my "scraptacular scraps" box

"Blue" Housie

This textured housie is for Raeline George, it has a blue tint negative acetate image, the background is acrylic paint...LOTS and LOTS!!!

Butterfly Housie

This is the "Butterfly" Housie I made for the 15 page swap, this page is going to Melissa Goodman, it is triple embossed

September 28, 2008

Victory Rolls and Hair Rats

no I haven't gone insane, I'm getting into the "swing" of the vintage show next month.

Where: Canterbury Racecourse Function Centre,

King Street Canterbury, Sydney

When: Friday 17th October 2008 5.30pm - 9.00pm

Saturday 18th October 2008 9.30am - 4.30pm

Sunday 19th October 2008 9.30am - 4.30pm

Tickets at the door - Adult $12, Concession $9, Child over 10yrs $5

Website - rats...well to achieve my swell hair style (Victory Rolls), I created some vintage inspired hairstyle helpers...ok now don't get grossed out here...they are merely bags of hair...mine are bun nets stuffed with my old hair extensions and then stiched and manipulated to make tubular shapes that I then roll my hair I realise the "Victory Rolls" title refers to the war but I think it's a real victory to get this style right the first attempt...this is not my first as you can probably tell but I think it turned out pretty neat.

September 25, 2008

here's another

just finished this one, this is Bethal's "Fabric House" was a bit of a challenge for me being that it is fabric...yup that background is cloth!!!
I began with white cotton and drew all over it with a black Sharpie, then I covered it with a thick layer of pva glue, then I placed some organza down and smooshed it into the oozed through, so I sprinkled a variety of different embossing powders all over it before getting out my handy dandy heat gun...melting fabric is fun!!!, then I wanted to add a little glitz and instead of getting out my divine fusible film I coated the housie in pva again and then placed strips of glitzy rainbow fabric and heat it up...then I embellished to finish :)
It is truly much nicer in hand with lots of "ooooh" appeal

September 24, 2008

Paris House for Anne

Housie number two...not that there is really an order, so I'll say "two down, 13 to go"
The PaperArtsy Eiffel (sp?) tower stamp is embossed with MADJAK's "Brazen Black" fine detail embossing powder.

A Flower House

in one of the Yahoo groups I am a member of we are doing a housie swap, there are 15 players per group...I'm in group 2.
Each player has their own theme, this means they have to make 15 of the same page...
well my theme was originally "Grannies House" and I thought this meant that everybody would do a granny I changed my theme to art house and I am doing all 15 suit everybody else's theme...I'm happy :)

September 23, 2008

a better pic

I thought I'd upload a picture of the flag that shows the colours a bit better

September 21, 2008

Creative Wednesday

ok so it's not's actually 1:34am on a Sunday here in Sydney, Australia...whilst on my nightly blog surf I came across a challenge site called "Creative Wednesday" and I liked the theme, so here is my piece that I made about an hour ago.
The lace is rusted and I used a combo of Raidient Rain and Moonglow Mists

September 20, 2008

Create & Treasure Design Team...and my other goss.

I am now officially on the Create & Treasure DT, they have super cool products to play with such as shadow boxes and board books...the vintage album I have been teaching at FTN is a C&T product, as is the fabtacular shadow box frame (also a recent FTN class).
copy and paste the link to get full instructions on the making of the faux patina "Dream" box.

Guess who has a blog now?! FTN!!! woohoo, wander over and have a looksee at the place I work and play, don't forget to say hello :)

...and guess who's going back to school?! yup me!!! I'm studying towards my Bachelor of Arts...big dreams and something I thought was not doable for me, I begin in December and will be taking a few weeks off to go teach in the UK in September next year...see I got a plan :)

ok so as not to disappoint I am off to create some art and will be back to post some eyecandy a little later...peace out!!!....I have always wanted to say that! lol

September 18, 2008

Gothic Arch for a swap

I actually liked this enough to make an extra one to keep for me, the theme was pretty much open with just certain colours required: silvers, greys, black, verdigris...of course I had to sneak in just a little walnut stain to age it...I used Moonshadow Mists (Landlubber Green)...and did you notice the stamp I used with the writing is upside down...why?...because I liked it :)

September 15, 2008

chemical etching...with tute

This is one of my sample results from todays mini tute that I published on youtube.
I am going to drill holes down both sides and lace it onto a book front.

here is the tute link for you to copy and paste...or pop over the the sidebar and click on the link titles Chemical Etching

September 11, 2008

chemical etching

I had a play a couple of weeks ago with chemical etching after picking up a circuit etching kit at Dick Smith's in Penrith...the result was neat but I only got to play with the two copper circuit board blanks that came in the kit...soooo I was itching to play more and finally got my hands on a good thick piece of not just copper but brass!! I have just done very simple stuff that will be going on ATCs, the square pieces are inchies! How neat is that?!
The owl is bigger than an inchie...I stamped him with black Stazon and then using my "Slick Writer" I drew in the swirls...I am going to do some drilling and hang some wire and beads off this piece

FTN display canvas "Floral Sampler"

I just finished the canvas I did especially to show off some of the products Fred the Needle sells.
I have the following list on the back of the canvas:

*canvas painted with Kaiser acrylics added to Jo Sonja textue paste
*doodling on fabric, canvas, paint, cardstock and chipboard is done with a "Slick Writer"
*Kindy Glitz
*glitter spray
*EK Success and Carl punches used
*lace floral trim
*Kaiser bling
*assorted buttons
*assorted patterned papers
*paper embossing done with Cuttlebug
*Twinkling H2os
*Ranger Alch. inks
*Aileene's tacky glue
*Rub n Buff
*gel medium
*fusible film
*Starburst Stains
*Moonshadow Mists
*Tattered Angel Glimmer Mists
*Moonglow 2-tone embossing powders
*gold leaf
*Zig blue glue pen
*white pigment ink
*Stazon ink

Yes it's lots and lots of goodies used but there is soooo much more in store, with new fun stuff weekly!

September 08, 2008

I'm a mad hatter!!!

ok not mad...a little crazy perhaps lol
I picked up a cheap vintage bucket hat from Target for $4 and set about altering it, first of all I removed most of it! lol
My older son is wearing the original style and my youngest is happily modelling the revamp.
I am wearing this to my next look out girls!

September 03, 2008

Peacock Princess template and mini tutes

I did try scanning the template but it proved to be a smidgeon too big, so I had to photograph it, I have left the file big, so if you click on the image and right click to save, then print it out as A4...or smaller if you should work out...fingers crossed!

Also I filmed part of the construction of her, so there are two links on Youtube for can view them via the links in my is the decorating of the torso and in it you will see I am working on the original more curvy shape but I trimmed it off camera and settled on the current style.
The other mini tute is the creation of her face.

September 02, 2008 number 2

Today I dedicated some time to constructing my second LEDScribe kit and even published it on Youtube, the link is in my side bar...actually there are two LED links, one is the construction and the other is the decoration of it.
If you are keen to get your hands on a kit of your own just click on the LEDScribe link in my DT listing and it will take you directly to the website for purchasing them :)

4x4 Friday Challenge

This is just a little quick piece before I go to bed.
4x4 Friday's current challenge is...Grungeboard.
I used a 4x4 piece of Grungeboard and wings and a crown from the mini pack.
My BG is simply painted with a mix of red tones and smeared with a little antique gold Rub n Buff. or click on the title :)

September 01, 2008

Peacock Princess

Well for those who have listened to me ramble on about my idea for this art doll, here she is! I started her mid morning and finished her early afternoon. I have to say that since visiting my friend Barb in Wagga I have really fallen in love with art dolls. Barb is an incredible artist and her dolls are just breath taking, I am really excited that soon she will be joining us here in "blogland".

Thanks for the inspiration Barb :)

The Peacock Princess is quite large, in fact her torso is 12 inches long, now add another 12 or so inches for her divine tail/skirt and you can just imagine what an impact a doll of this size makes. I made the template myself and bare it looks a bit like a pawn from a chess set. If you would like the template I'm happy to email it to you.
Also I filmed some of the creation of her and once edited I'll put it up in keep an eye out for that!
Tomorrow I will be filming more tutes...including LED Scribe :)

There are def. not enough moments in a minute!