September 11, 2008

chemical etching

I had a play a couple of weeks ago with chemical etching after picking up a circuit etching kit at Dick Smith's in Penrith...the result was neat but I only got to play with the two copper circuit board blanks that came in the kit...soooo I was itching to play more and finally got my hands on a good thick piece of not just copper but brass!! I have just done very simple stuff that will be going on ATCs, the square pieces are inchies! How neat is that?!
The owl is bigger than an inchie...I stamped him with black Stazon and then using my "Slick Writer" I drew in the swirls...I am going to do some drilling and hang some wire and beads off this piece


Dawnie said...

How awesome is the etching fun and forgot to tell you how super are your hat creations ! not to mention the LED frames.AMAZING !!!
Bet the shop loves the inspiration you create with the canvas.

You rock Linda B


Sarah said...

this is SO going to be my next obsession - once I have got over needle felting :)

I bought semi-precious Salvage vy Stephanie Lee a month ago and have been positively DROOLING at the beautiful etched pieces in her book.

I am a little worried about the chemicals, however, as I have a small child in the house etc and there are so many warnings about proper disposal etc etc.

I will definitely be giving it a try once I have plucked up the courage though :)

Sam Marshall said...

Wow- these are fantastic!!

Kari said...

Wow! These are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this looks interesting. I'll have to investigate further.


Zuzu's Blog said...

OOOOOo drool drool.. I want to do chemical etching now.. except I have not got a clue what it is lol!

you need to tell me linda.. I will be hovering on messenger till I go on holiday in the hope of finding out.
these are beautiful and when you have finished with the drilling and adding beads they will even be stunning! (oo I wore my "L" thing as a pendant yesterday.. I kept touching it as it was so cool)

Carol Plume said...

Linda, I love looking at your blog, always so many things to drool over and using items that I'd never even thought of, and in some instances, never heard of. This latest one is just totally FAB I love it...... I really love that effect.... are you going to do a u tube tut on it??