September 20, 2008

Create & Treasure Design Team...and my other goss.

I am now officially on the Create & Treasure DT, they have super cool products to play with such as shadow boxes and board books...the vintage album I have been teaching at FTN is a C&T product, as is the fabtacular shadow box frame (also a recent FTN class).
copy and paste the link to get full instructions on the making of the faux patina "Dream" box.

Guess who has a blog now?! FTN!!! woohoo, wander over and have a looksee at the place I work and play, don't forget to say hello :)

...and guess who's going back to school?! yup me!!! I'm studying towards my Bachelor of Arts...big dreams and something I thought was not doable for me, I begin in December and will be taking a few weeks off to go teach in the UK in September next year...see I got a plan :)

ok so as not to disappoint I am off to create some art and will be back to post some eyecandy a little later...peace out!!!....I have always wanted to say that! lol


Unknown said...

Congratulations and Good Luck ... and don't forget to let me know when you are coming to the UK ... and don't forget to bring your hat to the class I am at :0)

Hazel said...

That's really exciting news, Linda! I hope you enjoy your course.
Where are you teaching next year? I would love to go to one of your classes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be somewhere within 100 miles of me!

Kari said...


Zuzu's Blog said...

yay... good luck Linda.. youi will make beautiful things for them