November 29, 2008


hooroo all, I have recieved a few blogger awards this week and it made me think back on an earlier post I wrote...

Please know that I appreciate being held in such high regard and I can't say sorry if it offends you or hurts your feelings because I think if I say sorry then I'm not standing by what I feel.

If you enjoy my art, just tell me or add my link to your blog, even tell others "hey you should see this blog".

The best reward for me is the knowledge that I have inspired you.


Lady Di said...

Hi Linda, it's great that you love to inspire people and that you still appreciate being appreciated. I totally understand your feelings about blogging awards and support IBABA - I think it's admirable. Keep up the great blogging, I love to visite.

Jaqi said...

You do inspire people very much , your work is amazing but i totally understand what you are saying and it makes great sense. Keep up the good work, Jaqi