November 11, 2008

MY first attempt at making an apron

As the 50's style dress I made was going to be a bother to adjust (2 sizes too big...must learn that I'm not quite as plump as I feel), I salvaged the lovely fabric and put some of it to use in the construction of a vintage style apron. I used Butterick pattern B4087, I made apron "C".
My Mum bought me a dress makers named "Fat Betty" and it was a great help...currently she is adorned with the Gothic spider wig I wore for Halloween, a strand of faux pearls (maybe one day I'll have some real pearls), and the apron...she's a fashionable dummy lol


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of making my cookery apron when I was at school - nice design.


Zuzu's Blog said...

very expert looking.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there nothing that you can not do?


Kari said...

Gorgeous apron! You did a fantastic job!

Jaqi said...

I bet "fat betty" ends up being really trendy ! Jaqi

Flippinpest said...

I remember my mum having a 'pinny' like reminds me of flour, glace cherries and baking mmmmm.
There is a small suprise for you on my blog :-)