August 25, 2008

My play with bees wax

The photos def. don't do this micro canvas hand it looks embossed with gold, thanks to Rub n Buff smeared all over it. Bees wax is just divine to stamp into.
I'm hoping to get my tute vid on Youtube tomorrow when the kids are at school...but it is another big file, so I guess I'll be spending the morning editing before I do anything else....another canvas, a few pages, felting, etc, etc lol


Anonymous said...

I love the etching in the beeswax. Do you find that it (beeswax) softens at all in hot weather or rubs off a bit? I have had a few ATCs with beeswax and they leave a waxy residue on their little plastic pockets

No doubt the rub and buff metallics seal them.

So looking forward to your tutorial ) love thme

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Linda,

Letting you know that I have nominated you for the "I love your blog" award on:

because your blog is one of my fave places to visit.

Love your beeswax too, I love stamping into it too.



Danielle D said...

Oh, I really like the rich, glowing colour in the wax. Definitely something worth trying.

Jaqi said...

Exciting, the colours are great, Jaqi

Janny said...

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work and your tutorials!