April 26, 2011

Tara is a Brat(z)...Artistic Journey Doll swap

no I didn't rip off her feet...she was in a toy bin at a thrift store...probably dumped because of a lack of feet!

my first step was to cover her legs with PVA and Green Tara fiber paper

I then applied some Green Tara lace and some of their lovely little paper flowers

using a sponge brush I coated the torso with black acrylic paint...I did it roughly and left some unblackened areas...

I spritzed the entire torso with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Stains...I used a mix of soft pinks and medium pinks. Once the colour was right I dried it with a heat gun and then used gold Rub 'n' Buff lightly over all surfaces

time to bling it!

and then add some feathers

of course I just had to put some wings on her and used the fusible film over Words Or Whatever chipboard flourishes...I used a heatgun and soldering iron...I have a youtube tutorial that I did a few months back...super quick and easy!

one arm was left fairly plain...not sure why...I might change it yet

her head piece is created from a small plastic hair comb crown that I got from a $2 shop

I did this face last year and I'm going to send it along with the doll in case they don't like the other one.

I really like making stuff and I thought I would run an art doll swap...I am hosting it through facebook and I was so impressed that it picked up 80 ladies from all over the world...the dolls they are sharing in our gallery are just amazing, each and every one of them are so different. It is making me a bit sad though that when people share images of their creations there are always a few that decide to put themselves down as artists and claim they didn't join in because they felt their work wasn't "good enough"...BULL SHIT!!!
The doll I created today is something made beyond my comfort zone...I have always done the paper style you all have seen so many times on my blog. When I finished her I showed my Mum and my two sons...they all laughed...but it doesn't matter...art is what you make of it...art is about exploring and learning, taking chances and having fun. I had fun and regardless of it being a good or bad piece...I enjoyed myself.
I know there are lots of artists who do better work than me...but who friggin cares?
Respect yourself and take pride in your art.
Art is my voice...I don't intend to be silenced!


Heavens2Betsy said...

You've transformed this footless creature into a thing of beauty fit for the Mardi Gras. She is exquisite and I love her! penny

Hope said...

I love that doll and may just borrow your ideas to make a few of my own. As to the family laughing..I get the same. It is disheartening and you would think that family would be supportive..but just be yourself and all will be ok.

Sueann said...

Wow! Loved watching the transformation. She is a wonderful mermaid!!

CreativSpirit said...

Yeah!!! You rock Linda!!!

Giovanna Scott said...

Thanks Linda. Slap dutifully tolerated. And, yes, that was ME saying I wasn't good enough LOL. Will be on the hunt for a contorted, slightly dodgy doll to alter!!
p.s. you're a legend!!

Zuzu's Blog said...

you are such a freaking genius!!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love that you showed the steps in completing your delightful doll. Let me remind you that "no man is a prophet in his own land," which is something I often remind myself of when my family doesn't appreciate my art (which is all too often).

EDONAdesigns said...

I should have signed up for your doll swap. Sorry. I'm in the midst of that "I'm not good enough" thought process. Trying to find me. Or perhaps simply having a mid-life crisis? I LOVE Tara!

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Now she truly is a classy,sassy Mama and I bet she is delighted!
There are two types of people in our world: those that get what we do and those that don't.
Yeah to those who do.

And guess what you have shown me a reason to rescue those unloved dollies from the Op Shop. I can see a girlfriend day coming up.

RosA said...

Your altered doll is fabulous! I'll be looking at the second hand toys next time I go near an op shop!

Genevieve said...

I love your creative process in altering things - wonderful.

And as for the I'm not good enough - nothing eventured nothing gained! I'm not P!nk but I still sing like I am coz I enjoy it - as for mixed media I'm learning and enjoying the journey - join me or don't - I'm not fussed.


Sue McGettigan said...

Love her! I think the face with the closed eyes is fab, very dreamy and contemplative, a total transformation. Sorry I couldn't join in the art doll swap this time around, but keep me on the list, down the line I'd love to join in on a swap.

Artseyanne said...

I love it Linda!

Minxy said...

OMG I never in a million years would have known this started life as a bratz doll if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes, Just amazing Linda, i'm speechless!

Armada Volya said...

Just found your blog and already in love with it. You turned a footless mass-produced doll into art. Great job. Love that the eyes are closed, I think it wouldn't be complete without it.

As for the family, the only one in my family who thinks I'm an artist is my husband, everyone else thinks I'm just doodling. It's the feedback from others that counts and it's what you yourself feel and enjoy.


Nelbel said...

Tara is cooote! You are so right about the bull shit factor! I certainly didn't consider myself to be "talented" enough to join the swap, but I was invited so therefore, someone thought I could, so I did!! Jumped in with both feet and I am soo happy with my dolly!! Thankyou Linda for supporting and encouraging all artisians!!