May 12, 2011

Peacock Princess

Barbie and her static hair style...well not static but it looks like she has had a fright...her hair could actually be used as a's sharp!

the lace I have used here is from Green Tara, stained with Lindy's Stamp Gang "Colour Shots"

her hair now painted works really well as a support for feathers

This creation is the third and final doll I have made to send off as part of the international swap I am hosting...I considered giving her wings but I am now thinking I might just attach a shimmery cape and some more feathers


Christina Carnoy said...

My husband and I are both artists and we both agree that this doll is exquisite-like the hindu goddess Kalima or something like that! Awesome work!

ann said...

Linda this is outstanding.

Shairon said...

Wow Linda. These dolls are awesome! I love what you have done to them - ab fab!

Armada Volya said...

This is my favorite out of the 3, it looks great. Could it be because blue is my favorite color? I agree about the wings, I think the feathers and wings might distract from one another, unless the wings are super huge, then it might work well.


kristie said...

OMG!! THIS IS AMAZING!!and so inspiring. thank you for that.