July 29, 2008

Resist...if you can

I love this technique, I have run a few classes using it in different ways...from triptych housie books to altered shoe inserts, it is truly divine (do I use that word too much?...nah), I have made a mini tute for youtube...no it's not up yet, I am waiting for kids to go to bed so I can do the voice overs.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I just can't wait Linda - a wonderful way to use your gorgeous stamps - the butterfly wings are divine.

I have just realised from reading your posts - that instead of keep making little works of art for swaps and challenges - I ought to spend some time just 'playing' with paper and colours and texturs aka your fabby pages.

I have some A4 size and really need the practice so after I have seen you demos - bought the 'ingredients' I think I will do just that. Just experiment.