July 26, 2008

Fimo fun

I have joined another Yahoo group and the first swap I signed up for was housie charms...made from polymer clay...now I have never used it, so I hope they are ok for my efforts....the first set were terrible, so I tried again and had fun.
They are about an inch tall, and half an inch wide, I had stamped into them and then gently rubbed Pearl Ex over them, then pressed beads and a little angel face before baking to set....I took the photos in poor light, so you can't see how lovely the colour really is, it is a turquoise tone over red clay, on the back I used some gold leaf.


Dawnie said...

They look pretty cool and love the face pressed into them.
cool miss L

Dawnie T

Anonymous said...

wow pretty neat.

Zuzu's Blog said...

OO nice.. I should say Neato! lol.. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think they turned out neato too! LOL The gold leaf on the back is a nice touch!

Maureen said...

Very cool! Really love the beads across the bottom!