November 19, 2010

Madam Butterfly and friends...Flitter and Flutter

Last night I created Madam Butterfly, and she will be heading off to her new home very soon. Today I created two more dolls...very similar to the original...I have called them "Flitter" and "Flutter", they too will be heading to their new homes soon. I have kits available but I am limiting each design release to only a small amount, so if you would like one please email me.

I promised a link to the creation of Madam Butterfly and so if you click HERE you can see and I hope you will be inspired.


Regina said...

Linda..she is lovely and so very unique. Beautiful!!


Art Chick said...

Oh my gosh, Linda...she is absolutely GORGEOUS! You did an amazing job. She is so lush and detailed, but so delicate at the same time. Love it!

Home of the Fairy Smasher said...

Madam Butterfly is beautiful! I really do like those wings!

Jenni Hodge said...

OMG OMG OMG Thank you so very much Linda - she's beautiful!!!