November 03, 2010

I dare you

This weekend at the Penrith Papercraft show will see me promoting and pushing some of my new chipboard designs for Words Or Whatever and some of them are very different from anything you have ever seen. There are page frames and there are clouds and waves...and there are flourishes. Every piece is hand sketched and cut exactly from my ideas. I know that some people will scratch their heads when they see some of the designs, and they will say "why?"...I say WHY NOT?! I am an artist, I create, I explore, I experiment, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and I'm not afraid of trying something new.
I have designed these pieces with the brave art explorers in mind...those who can look at one thing and see a dozen uses for them. Are you brave enough? Are you able to leap out of the box with your arms waving wildly, ready to use chipboard pieces that are perfect for paint, impasto, rust and so much more.
I DARE YOU! I dare you to come and see me at the Creative Era stand (#50) and to buy some. I'll have samplers on display, just to help inspire.
If you can't get to the show but want to get your hands on my stuff contact the manufacturer and they will point you in the right direction for your nearest stockist.

Don't be afraid to be an artist.

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Sueann said...

I would love to see these new pieces you have designed. They sound so exciting!!!
Point me in the right direction. Where can we buy these?