October 12, 2010

silkworms and art

as we aren't really allowed to have pets at the house we are renting I opted for something small, quiet and productive...Silkworms! What you see in the container is actually my second (current) season of silkies. I began with just three grubs early last year. These constantly eat and grow, in a few weeks they will make silk cocoon and when they emerge from them they are fat little flightless white moths...the moths don't eat...all they do is bonk and lay eggs...then they die...no love, no romance, no wining or dining...nope it's just wham bam thank you maam and then they cark it! The eggs take quite a time to hatch, I like to leave an adult (bonked and departed) in the hatchery so the silkies hatch and are impressed by the awesome future they have before them. I have to feed these every day...yay to the crazy neighbour for having a mulberry tree hanging over our fence :)
The horse you see is a new project...I'm just taking my time with it.

oh the silkworm cocoons can be pulled apart and used in what ever form takes a persons' fancy


Sueann said...

Keeping silk worms..never would have thought to do that! How cool!! Love the horse! Fabulous

babs55 said...

thank you for sharing your life and art with the world---I love the story of the silk worms, it made me laugh and want to grow some too. I LOVE your colors and textures on everything and I am so inspired by you.