October 18, 2010

work in progress and great mail

Today I was stuck at home because workers came around to replace the rotting decking...although all they got done was pulling up one piece of the wood before they took off to go get the new stuff. Anyhoo I sat in the lounge for most of the day with a migraine, impasto, paint and a canvas...the canvas looks nothing like the one in this post...it has gone through many layers. It began as something destined for "pretty" but I decided I was in the mood for rusty, so that is it's new direction.
Now are you wondering what the snap happy pics are all about? I got a new camera strap today and I had to show it off...sorry the pics are crap but my camera sucks...in fact my camera is so bad that it even takes crap photos of itself! My camera strap is so flash I seriously need to go invest in a new camera...I wonder if Santa will bring me one? You should ask Santa to get you one of these from CR Couture Studio
They even have little wrist strap versions for smaller cameras.


artymarty said...

It reminds me of a 1970s guitar strap I still have in my giutar case. Little ex hippy that I am

Jen Crossley said...

He I actually got on your blog for once YES.Rotten deck eh

Louise Williams said...

ooh seriously cool, going to have to visit them around Christmas :P