November 29, 2008

A closeup of my tablecloth

I received post comments from a couple of people about my tablecloth...people were impressed by the of my regular students, Heather, knows the truth lol, she knows that although the room I photographed is tidy and organised that this is not a common thing and the poor old tablecloth is a definite art victim. Poor old plastic tablecloth is painted, melted, stretched, sliced, slashed...and well pretty much in a munted state...quite a woeful sight really.
Now to verify I do use my art room when it is just me but when I teach privately we sit at the kitchen table...the top picture is my kitchen table today...yes Heather I will clear it for next week...I promise :)


Anonymous said...

Deserves a place in the Tate Art Gallery - the best piece of modern art I have seen in a long time!

Jacky said...

Hey I am so glad to see your kitchen table (and work table) look just like mine at the moment!!! I have been working hard to get swaps out etc. and the poor tables are a "creatuve mess".
Time to clean up now..... until next time.

Jacky xo

Unknown said...


you ought to cut it up and use it for ATCs!

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