February 25, 2011

Flights of Fancy and Magic Beads...teaching in Perth

I am really excited about next month...I'm flying back to my home state of Western Australia!!! I'll be there to celebrate my 40th Birthday, catch up with friends and family, shop at some favorite place like The Thread Studio...and teach!
My Westie Besties Jenny Burns and Megan Black have asked me to share my art with them and anybody else who would like to get their hands dirty with me.
I'll be teaching "Flights of Fancy" artistic journal...the book is a brilliant way to keep track of your ideas, etc.
How often have you mixed paint to decorate something and then forgotten how you had done it...Flights of Fancy is filled with art papers that you can create your own paint chips and even write notes as a reminder.
You can even fill it with sketches or pictures of things that inspire you.
...and the beads?...magic! faux glass!...very simple and fun!...I dare you to stop at just one!

Interested? hop over to BLACKBURNS CREATIONS  for all details.


Regina said...

Happy EARLY Birthday yougin ^_^ Ohhh to be 40 again..LOL!! I think it's wonderful that you are going home to celebrate and to teach. Some very lucky students for sure.


Hummmm...any online classes for those faux glass beads??

Martina said...

Always a JOY to visit you and your art work and fabulous blog! You have such a wonderful way of creating art that I just love! Keeps me returning to see what you will do next.