February 25, 2011

donating to raise funds

if this piece looks familiar, she is! I had donated this 20x40cm last year, to be auctioned for charity but she had been returned to me (surprisingly)...anyhoo she has been sitting under my table since then...waiting to go to a new home somewhere out in the world. Can you give her a new home?
I have donated her to Louise Williams who lives in New Zealand, she is organising an auction event to raise money for the people of New Zealand who have been affected by the recent earthquakes.
There are lots of things that will be up for grabs, so please consider bidding on one or more of the pieces.

the above link will take you to the sea nymph on the promotion site, the auction is run through a facebook page, if this causes any problems for you email Louise at info@eidou.com


Martina said...

Again a very extraordinary and wonderful creation, Linda! Super idea and beautifully designed.

Oxana said...

I love it, Linda!!!!

Unknown said...

Can't believe you got it back in the first place? it's wonderful and the cause is also well worth it. I hope all goes well

Love Dawn xx

Lori Comeau said...

Awesome work!