January 19, 2009

work in progress

wow it feels like forever since I last started some arty art but now that I have the results back from my first two uni assignments (78% essay on the use of art as decoration in Islamic Mosques and Palaces, and 65% for my practical project), I'm pleased that I did as well as I did and feel so much more relaxed. I know I'm babbling on again...anyhoo I have a double page to do in a round robin swap, and this is my background...so far...it will be a little glitzy and textured once it's finished (tomorrow), I also have something arty to finish for Glenda Laing...I'm thinking burlesque :)

On a person note...I am happy to say I have lost 10 kilos thanks to the
Tony Ferguson diet.


Barb said...

Can't wait to see the FINISHED page my friend...

And...good on you...10 kilos lost!!!..you should be lookin' good...vbg

Lady Di said...

I love the background but the show stopper is your weight loss ... that's awesome stuff. I might have to do the same, 10 kgs off would suit me down to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous - love the masking - give me some ideas now.

Congratulations on your results - and also on your weight loss - off to read up the link.

Looks like you are off to a good start for 2009