January 19, 2009

next step

I decided to take my time with the piece I posted yesterday...it will be finished and on it's way to the UK by Wednesday but for now I am giving it minmal attention while I focus on gathering notes for my Baroque art assignment which is due at the end of the month.

I have glitzed a little by using Swirl glitter glue purchased from FTN...I love the stuff, instead of just one glitter colour it has two swirled together...very nice! I have a gold/silver (Twinkling Sparklers), blue/silver (Winter Time) and black/silver (Formal Tuxedo), for those of us who like Kindy Glitz, these are just divine!
Anyhoo...back on topic lol...I've stamped using PA's "Love & Kisses" (Squiggly Ink), I've also used some impasto for texture around the edge of one page...might do the other...maybe.
Tresure Gold's "White Fire" guilded where needed very nicely.


Jaqi said...

its lovely, you do some amazing things, Jaqi

nikki said...

wow..seeing the previous post and viewing the progression of this beautiful piece of art is just lovely..its coming along gorgeously..i love the gold flourish stretching out on both pages...and the hearts added are a nice sweet touch...wonderful work!!