December 06, 2007


Well my friends as I promised here is my tutorial for you, it shows how I made the textered backs for the little chipboard housie charms.
I used Atelier Interactive acrylic paints (rich gold, dioxazine purple and quinacridone magenta).
Quinacridone/nickel Azo Gold (Golden Acrylics)was watered down and used as a wash but any rusty red brown will work.

I used my heat gun between every step to get maximum texture.


Suse said...

thanks so much for this Linda - so simple really but such a fab effect it looks like it'd not be so! (being able to say this as I'm now the lucky owner of one of your housie charms!). very effective finish. great tutorial + pics.

Unknown said...

Thank you Linda - I am going to have a go on Saturday put every day until then

Very much appreciate you doing this you know


deb said...

Thanks for the technique Linda, I was wondering how you did the texture on the charm. Another one to add to my 'to try' list.

Melanie said...

thankyou linda will definately have a go at this

Zuzu's Blog said...

Linda THANK YOU xxx

this is fab and I am going to have a go at this for sure ..
I will be off getting liquid nails on saturday( i think we have one called no nails but it looks the same to me)
you are a star xx

Sharon said...

What a super technique! I will be trying this out too. Thanks for your very informative tutorial, Linda.

Nicks said...

such cool things on your site!!