December 06, 2007

EK Success Consumer Board

I had a cool surprise the other day, I received a little parcel from EK Success, I hadn't ordered anything so it was a bit of a mystery, on opening the envelope I read that I had been chosen to be on their consumer board, this means that from time to time they will send me goodies to sample.
Anybody who knows me knows that I love trialing different glues and adhesives, so I was thrilled to get a full sized permanent "Sticko", it looks soooo cool, it is pink and very slim, fits comfortably in your hand, is refillable and takes up very little room in your trusty art tote, and the adhesive itself is top quality, so while I don't have to promote products I am more than happy to recommend it.


Unknown said...

Cool - looks good. Can we get it over here in the UK?

Zuzu's Blog said...

i will keep an eye open for this .. if they ever sell it over here ..thanks for the info linda x