May 24, 2007

Behind the Mask

I picked a couple of cool paper mache masks in Perth at Collins Crafts in Balcatta, I thought they were super neat and gave one to my daughter and brought the other one home to decorate...I am going to take my time with it but so far it is looking good...I think :)

I have painted it gold and then darkened the eye sockets and have put little scales of fusible film on it, the copper coils I have stuck on the side are available from the Thread Studio (also in Perth).

I used liquid nails to stick the coils on and decided to play a little with that....ya know anything is a medium right?! Anyway, I squished some of the liquid nails onto a plastic lid and added some Lumiere paints (the lovely pink gold), I mixed with a popsicle stick and then smeared it onto an ATC card blank, using a toothpick I drew swirls and dropped paint onto the paste....I then got out my trusty heat gun and cooked the mix and ooooooooooh it bubbled and blistered and dried nicely, I then smeared some gold rub n' buff onto it and took my black stazon and swiped across the surface....then I cut out the little kimono shape...soooooo if anybody wants it just email me and I'll post it over to you...but remember it is small....perfect for an ATC!!!

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I also have made this devine ATC for a swap at Scraptivate....I really like it and am going to make a stack of them I think :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Linda - I would love anything you have made!

My link is if you would like to visit sometime!

Jen said...

Linda Linda Linda, my net is finally back on!!! The collections houses are absolutley georgeous. (of corse), I love the ATC's you have done as well.I will get on Yahoo tomorrow and catch up with everything on there ( heres hoping anyway ) It was really really good to see you, take care and keep on creating! Luv Jen xxx

Julie said...

I agrre with Jenny Pennt beautiful as usual Love ya poppycornxo

Gillian said...

realised I didn't actually comment on this post, just told you via email I loved your mask..
but this bottom ATC Linda is AMAZING!!!!
Your eye for extragance is delightful!!!!

Mandy Chilvers said...

love this linda... and love this stamp ;-)