May 25, 2007

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This is a little sneak peek at a little paper mache house I am decorating, my friend Jenny gave it to me when I was in Perth and I began working on it while I was there....every shingle on the roof is hand punched and is about the size of a short pinky nail...I bought a mini tag punch from Spotlight and it proved to be perfect for cutting the shingles. I will be taking my time on this project as it is just for me, so there is no need to hurry :)


Jen said...

oh My god!!! Look at all those shingles!..... I'm glad I havent started mine yet (can you do mine for me? LOL - only jokin) it looks wonderful. Luv Jen xxx

Gillian said...

Oh my goodness Linda... this is going to be something extrodinary when it's finished... amazing work hun!!!