May 18, 2010

fusible film flutterby and sample chips...possible mosaic?

I had a sample board of the different fusible films I own...showing the variety of has been sitting in my drawer for ages and I thought I would glaze them...but not before running them through the cuttlebug and highlighting the raised areas with a swipe of ink.
The butterfly is a small wearable Scrapware piece that got exactly the same treatment. Methinks that I will squish the squares into some texture paste and make a mosaic....maybe even flood them with resin?!


CuddlyBunny said...

Ouu, uh oh. Where do you get "fusible films?"

And what are these tiles you're showing here ... ceramic?

You and your cool stuff ... you drive me nuts. :)

Sueann said...

Oh my!!! Wonderful! Imaginative! They transport me!!

Deborah March said...

These are delightful! I spent two hours on your blog last night, ooohing and aaahing and positively DROOLING over your BEAUTIFUL creations! Your texture painted things are fabulous. Your entire BLOG is positively inspirational!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your gifts. I've added you to my blog roll, and will be a frequent visitor!