February 12, 2008

kisses and dreams

I have created these two gothic arches for Mandy's "Kiss" swap theme...don't ya just loooove those lips?!

the canvas was created as my mystery muse piece on a yahoo group, the image is a fabric transfer, I have then used acrylic paints, stamping, embossing and a smear or two of "patina" rub n' buff...I think she is lovely and I'm going to have to make one for me to keep (the canvas size is 5"x7")


Melanie said...

oh my i love those kisses images! where are they from tell me tell me lol

Zuzu's Blog said...

your muse is stunning Linda ..

and as for those arches!!!! lol,.. thats some face she has on her :-)

Unknown said...

This looks gorgeous Linda, do you still want too swap? I am still waiting on you're return mail?

Anonymous said...

Great work!