July 10, 2007

catching up...again

it's amazing how much can pile up...all fun stuff, alot of challenging stuff too...I got a few things done today...I can't share some of it because of hush hush reasons and publication issues...so ya have to wait for that lol
But I did get a couple of things done for Mandy and also for ATC Secret Society for Altered Artists (my Yahoo group)


Heather Robinson said...

These are fantastic...every one of them.

Jen said...

Hi Lindy Loo
Your work is amazing as usual xxx

The below post is georgeous as well.

I got some fusible from the lady you left a thread for! Some!!! actually I got twelve colours- they are all nice. So thanks again luva!!!LOL

Luv Jen xxx

ilse said...


On the first and second of September, my friends and I, together with our Hobbyclub Retro, organise an exposition in the theme of ‘Travel around the world’.

But to make it a real ‘Travel around the world’, we ask your help. In our exposition we want to create a huge wall of ATC-cards. This is why we ask you: Who wants to trade ATC-cards with us?

The technique is completely free and if it’s possible, it would be nice if you would take your own country/region as your theme. It is not obliged to do this. We are happy with a little trade :-) The amount of ATC-cards can be chosen by yourself, and you will get the same amount in return.

If you want to help us, you can contact us on the following e-mailadresses: ilsedecoster@telenet.be or lindadegucht@telenet.be

Hopefully we recieve some positive reactions and a wall of ATC-cards, wich we thank you for in advance.

With pleasant greetings, ilse

x said...

Oh gorgeous, I am still working on my surprise for you ,-)

Sharon said...

Amazing work, Linda ... there is always so much inspiration on your blog.

Zuzu's Blog said...

Linda .. I am running out of things to say as everything is so yummy .. these are all gorgeous .. well done to you again xx

Mike.LMP said...

Well I can say i'm in awe of this work you have done and can't wait to see your published stuff too