June 29, 2011

the rosey scent of bullshit

I pride myself on my ability to bounce back from stuff and the fact that I am as honest as I can be...I won't claim to be 100% truthful because that in itself would be a lie...nobody can claim it, so don't even try. Why do people lie? Because it makes them feel better about something. What a crock! How does looking somebody in the eye and lying to their face make you feel better?...Oh...hang on a minute...ahhhh...it makes the other person feel better!...?...??...??? Nope!...a lie is a lie, it may get you what you want but at what price? and lying about other people? What the hell is that crap all about? At the end of the day if you are spending your time and energy on telling tales of gossipy crud to people then you need to find a hobby that makes you a little more interesting. I have had nasty little bitches say shit about me...it used to upset me...which made them happy...then it made me angry and I quite happily posted their names on my facebook wall for all to see. Now I feel pitty for them as I listen to the interesting stories that I didn't even know about myself...such as having numerous affairs...I say to everybody "I'm off to see my boyfriend...", and then I am home ten minutes later...sooo either I was telling a porky pie or my lovers are in need of some staying power. Another fave rumour is that I have noooo unique ideas and that everything I do is stolen from somebody else...who? no answer? of course not because if I was an art nabber then I would totally expect to hear from the person I stole from. Oh and this is a great one...I use people to get what I want and then I toss them aside...again I ask who? I have always said to my friends that if ever I misused them in any way then they should tell me...and do you know how many have said "...hey Linda, you make me feel like shit..." none. Now I know I am far from perfect but that makes me me. I don't need to impress anybody but myself, I don't need friends, fans, followers...what I need is to do the right thing. I need to be as honest as I possibly can, I need to create art that I love and enjoy, I need to stay strong, keep smiling and enjoy life...and if by chance I am lucky enough to have people wanting to be a part of my life and creative path then they are there because I have earned their respect and trust...and maybe even admiration. You don't have to like me but please like yourself enough to stop patting and praising people who are nasty bitchy gossips. When you support a NBG you are becoming part of the problem, you are becoming a bully...you are destroying your good reputation, you are causing your own demise and destroying your life. Gossip is a virus that spreads and does horrendous damage. Promise yourself that if you are faced with negative people that you will say "stop, no more, I am better than this", and walk away. Because good souls support good whereas bad supports bad. One more thing to think about is meglamaniac...I love that word, I know a few...and not suprisingly at all it is the NBGs. Again I suggest that if you are faced by one of these creatures of self worship and gigantinormous egos that you deflate carefully so as not to be covered in their shit, then walk away and get on with your happy life. So in closing I would just like to say...thank you to those who remain a part of my life and fight a good fight for honesty and respect and if you don't like what I say then pucker up and kiss my fat white arse because I'm not going to change.


Unknown said...

Good on you Linda -'way to go girl'.

Carry on being just as you are - it makes you unique.


Hels Sheridan said...

Having had my own fair share of bullshit spread about me, I can wholeheartedly agree with all you just said there Linda... and, thank you for putting it all so eloquently... sending ya a big hug x

Crafting Queen said...

Some great things that we should all thing about. Love your creations they are so unique. :)

Anonymous said...

This post came at a good time for me. I don't lie about others but I have been wondering if I am too free with my own opinions. Sometimes over sharing opinions and truths can run a very similar path to the lying gossip. I was on the fence if I had gone too far or not. After reading your experiences I feel much clearer. It doesn't matter if I've gone to far or not, I need to do a better job of filtering my words because it is far better to be positive. Thank you for helping to make me a better person.

Anonymous said...

So sorry - it sounds like you are having a run of shitty weeks at present - I call this 'The CRAP touch' all you can do is wait it out. I believe in karma in a big way, just sit back and watch at some point it will turn around and bite those NBG's on the arse!

CreativSpirit said...

I am proud to be your friend and always inspired by your wonderful experimental and original art. Love and hugs

Kaz Robinson said...

I will keep it simple....Fuck'em...totally and uterly Fuck'em. Karma is one powerful Bitch, let them mess with her and see how they fair......Kaz

Moira said...

Beautifully stated

Jinny Holt said...

As I was reading your blog,I was quietly thinking to myself exactly what Kaz had typed,so I won't repeat it again- YOU are you- I gave up listening to crap years ago-in one ear and straight out the other,(cos there aint much inbetween anyways)lmfao, you'll bounce back,cos you are a strong-individual,who is way talented "oh queen of all things altered" lol
I say to my kids,people like those-they are sad minded %^&k&*s and will end up sad and lonely-

Right on with the creations and chin up and keep smiling xxxx

Jenni Hodge said...

You have this uncanny ability to put my thoughts into words - and I love you for it!

Artfull Crafts Design Team said...

Well said! Be true to yourself, and remember that the negative gossipers are probably just jealous of your amazing talent.

Brigitte G. said...

oh my goshh Linda... i always feel that those kind of people are following me and always try to make me feel so little and reading you... i can see that they are everywhere !!
So well said Linda and as ACDT (comment below) said... they are just jealous of you so just be yourself ! I absolutely love you and your work, had done couple of workshops with you previously and it's been always a thrill and an inspiration !

Cheryl Darrow said...

Just found your blog, you are quite fiesty. My son, Geoff, told me about your site. Love your deep thoughts.
Cheryl Darrow
Ten Seconds Studio

Kellye Kimmel said...

I have been following your work for some time and LOVE it! I also have haters who say bull about me and finally decided I did NOT need their love because I love myself and that's all that really matters. Keep on being yourself. This post made my day girl! =)

Eiglas said...

I don't know who has been the catalyst for this post Hunni but tell me and I'll go get 'em for you.

You are one of the most original, artistic inspirations I know of.

Ilook at your work and think '..if only..' but I KNOW I'll never be abe to produce anything as individually aesthetically pleasing as the stuff you produce.

I use your blog as my inspiration zone. I don't 'copy' - mainly because it would be a second class shadow of your own - but I try to absorb some of your uniqueness and let it inspire something in me.

None of us is perfect, but if I couod produce what you produce, I'd be a very happy bunny. Ignore those shrunken harpies - they are as dust beneath your very original feet.
You keep on telling it like it is and shame the devil (and the bitches) Hunni!