June 26, 2011

cherry bomb necklace

I love creating stuff...that's an understatement...but I really love having a goal in mind or a person to send the art to. This piece I have named "Cherry Bomb", it had to have a retro name because it's for a very retro lady by the name of Barbe Saint John...now if you don't know who she is then I suggest you click on her name and go take a looksee at her work.

Although the colour of this piece looks orange it is in fact red...that will teach me for taking photos in low light

I have used glass, crystal, rusted metal, silk velvet, brass wire and more


Sueann said...

Love that necklace!! It is so dimensional!! Fabulous!

Vicki W said...

It's fabulous!

laurel said...

That is a gorgeous necklace! I'm jealous.