June 26, 2011

Inspired by Louise Nelson

Before you all start scratching your heads and questioning the happenings of my blog and the appearance of scrapbook pages...relax! It's not my thing, it's not something I'll do a lot of because it's not something that interests me...I do however have quite a few friends who are really in to it, so from time to time I like to try and impress them with my take on scrapping. One of my friends is the founding artist of simplistic scrapbooking, her style is the complete opposite of mine. Louise Nelson likes minimal colour and technique with emphasise on the photo. When I talk to to other people about Lou, the easiest way for me to describe the look is "spit art"...now don't go looking horrified and running off to tell Louise that I am saying horrid things about her work because she knows I love, admire and respect her and her work and she knows exactly what I think because I am honest enough to say it to her. We have had chats about art/craft/scrapping styles and we both like each other. My work is dark and grungey...so what. Anyhoo...Aussie Scrap Source were running a little challenge comp, and Lou shared the link with me...soooo I tried my hand at the style...for me it was really very challenging...fun...but not something I would do again.

At first I found I used too much colour, so I layered crumpled tissue paper over it to fade it out

I used LSG's Starburst Stains to dab some "flowers", and then used a drop of distress re inker, sprinkled with salt, and while still wet I dragged some lines out using an awl...Why salt? because the salt stops the colour from running more than I want, it dries up some of the liquid and leaves a little texture...soooo why not?

a simple black and white photo stapled over a flourish and lace

End result...not too bad. It's good for the artistic soul to leap out of your comfort zone and try something new

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Lady Di said...

This is so cool. I did a class with Louise Nelson at the Scrapbook Convention in Brisbane on the June long weekend and her work is fantastic. You can see a pic of her on my blog too (http://docobhthaigh.blogspot.com/)... hope you're well. Love Di.