June 21, 2011

East Coast Art Retreat...Art Is Sydney 2012

Everybody knows how very excited I am about being asked to teach three of my top classes at Bondi next March. The classes I am running are 6 hours each which means you will be learning lots about product and the versatility of them. The classes won't be restricted to just what you see, we will be playing and experimenting and pushing things to the limit and beyond. I suggest you hop over to the official site Art Is...You -East Coast Retreats to check out the other amazing teachers I am going to me teaching with...the classes are amazing and a definate must for those die hard mixed media artists. If you go to just one mixed media event in Sydney 2012...then this should be it! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THE ABOVE IMAGE ON YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE AND LINK BACK TO THE OFFICIAL SITE    

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing what google will drum up when you test it! Love the Post and Love the fact your are on our faculty!