June 02, 2011

Fold Forming...AKA bashing the crap out of metal

my very first attempt at fold forming...this is brass, I have it sitting on the sheet it was cut from...neat eh?

"Let anger flow"

brass leaves, crystals and small brass disks sway lightly

22 gauge copper wire...balled and bent...so very delicate

balled and bent copper wire, 22 and 18 gauge

balled, bent, annealed, forged...pretty!

brass wire

copper and brass jump rings...hand made, annealed and raw

big hook!

I know I have been a bit quiet...and rightly so, I am doing my best to get myself back to where I was...sometimes it is easier than other times, but I will get there. I have not felt creative, and this does not serve me well as I sit around and do nothing if I am not busy, this is unhealthy and I know that. So a few days ago I felt agressive, and what's a girl to do when she feels like that? Get out the hammer! So I got out my 16 hammers...I kid you not! and I got out my sheet of brass, copper wires, crystal beads and butane torch...and I tried fold forming and I balled brass and copper wire, and I forged and folded and it felt so good to be creating again. I have this beautiful piece hanging in my studio window now and I look at it every day and it reminds me that it's ok to be angry about bad things but it's great to take it out on metal and create something good. Thank you to everybody for your wonderful support and concerns for me, it will always be greatly appreciated.



Zuzu's Blog said...

I love the range of your creativity my dear friend. and YES it most certainly IS ok to be angry at bad things.

This sculpture/hanging is awesome unique and very "arty farty" looking

Kate Palmer said...

Hi Linda - LOVE LOVE LOVE this it is fabulously beautiful!

Sueann said...

Well you have made one beautiful piece that is for sure! I love it!! So full of emotion and texture...awesome!!
Have a great weekend

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

I don't even know what to say Linda. You have forged the most amazing piece from the furnace of your soul. The beauty I see is edged with raw emotion, so compelling...

Joanne Huffman said...

What a great piece you made!

Sharon said...

Super gorgeous Linda. This is amazing. I love what you made here. Just lovely! I understand, ho sometimes you might not feel creative...it happens to me all the time, but I just have to let it be and distract myself with another hobby like reading....if I push myself to create I end up hating what I make....I need to let go and eventually creativity will flow and magic will happen.
Take care girl! Sharon

Armada Volya said...

This looks great. Sometimes when you don't have any inspiration you just have to force yourself. Usually once I start something, my creativity starts coming back to me.


Mischief Maker said...

OMG I just love it, love it love it. Why can't you live next door?

Sue Lacy said...

I like your fold formed piece!

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