June 03, 2011

Blog Pimp

so this post is all about promoting friends...those with neat, cool, interesting, fun...and sometimes silly ideas...no bad ideas, I love them all...and no I'm not getting paid in cash or product...I am promoting these small hand made companies and businesses because they are people trying to share what they love with you...and with me.
Everybody who knows me knows I am all about supporting the bricks and mortar stores...and I do...but these businesses aren't selling mass produced papers, etc...they are selling things that are complete...things that made them smile because they were proud of what they did.
So here I am pimping out small businesses...support them and you are supporting their crafts..

Monkey Mayhem (UK) 

Elocin Designs (Nicole Pomeroy)

Zombie Lou

Mary Vogel Lozinak


Zuzu's Blog said...

nice idea. i have been watching your facebook and seeing some of those cool things appear now and then. i love the monkeys :)

Sueann said...

What a great idea!! Good to promote each other!