June 17, 2011

Pretty Little Mongrel wearable art

Every chain is unique and different

"Zombie Lou Protection Pendant" (UNAVAILABLE)

"Give and Take"

"Prim and Proper Purple"

"Green and Gold/Aussie"

"Blue Moon"


"Lady Lie"

I enjoy playing and creating and quite often people ask where they can see a sample of my "Flooded" canvas art, so I decided what better way to show and share my work than to be able to wear it!?! So I have begun with these seven pieces, each so very different, each although grungey and eclectic they still appear very feminine. I am thrilled with how well they have turned out and I have plans for many more. Of course I can't keep them all, if you are interested in purchasing a piece please feel free to email me at atclindab@yahoo.com.au The pieces you see here are $45.00 (AUS$) each.


Karen.C said...

What nice little Mongrels you have there Miss Linda :)

Sunny said...

these are beautiful!